Most Common Habits that Affects our Kidneys

Image result for renal failure

By: Maria Isabella L. Tan

Snacks for many individuals today are chips, pizza, and most of us are fond of eating red meat. Our diet became unbalanced. Even our lifestyle are affected, we don’t get enough hours of sleep. Many of the millennials today are smoking, intake of excessive alcohol and some of them only eats proteins for their muscles. Some even delay the urge of urinating because of laziness.

Lastly is insufficient intake of water. People are substituting water for other liquids or carbonated drinks like coke, sprite and the like. Today we will not yet experience the consequence of our actions but later in our life, these unhealthy diet and lifestyle will eventually haunt us. Let us start today instead of tomorrow or later. Every second and every moment counts. Let us start so we may not regret anything in the future.

For more information and explanation of the common habits that affects our kidneys. Click the links below.


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